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A Unique & Cheap Way to Clear Energy

We all have the ability to sense and clear energy because we are made of energy. Everything within our Universe, whether you can see it or not, is made up from, and held together with energy. The bed you sleep in, the thoughts you think, your emotions, the music you listen to, the food you eat, are all made up of particles that vibrate at specific frequencies. The slower the vibration, the more dense the matter appears such as a table. The higher the vibration, the less solid, such as sound and light.

Tibetan tingsha are beautiful cymbals joined by a leather cord, used in Tibetan Buddist Rituals. Joined together by a leather cord. By striking the edges of the tingsha together, they produce a cleansing sound that will resonate throughout the space you are in and clear lower/negative energies. These are wonderful for anyone who doesn’t like the smell of burning sage, or can’t be burning anything where they live/work.

I have often used these over my crystals, to clear my room when I was out of sage, or simply after getting home from work and wanting to calmly settle into a gentle meditation/yoga practice. They can also be used to clear a workspace, a new home, cleanse a room after a period of illness, after an argument, after a death; or just because you like the sound! My cymbals are fairly small and they produce such a sweet little sound.

They are not costly to purchase and are available online or through most metaphysical stores. Mine are from Rainbow Runner on Beaumont Street, Hamilton, for anyone in Newcastle.

If you have any questions or wish to work with me as you progress on your journey, please feel free to contact me via my blog site Contact page, Facebook or Instagram.

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