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My 2017 Experience With Overeating Vs. Not Eating

Society has strongly (and successfully) enforced upon us a belief that we need to eat; ALL the time. To not eat, is to waste away, to lose muscle growth, to feel ill and weak. This could not be further from the truth... Look at the mentality we have right now; we cannot exist happily without… Continue reading My 2017 Experience With Overeating Vs. Not Eating

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You Aren’t Hungry – You Are Migrating

Stomach grumbling. Tiredness. Headaches. Agitated. Feeling weak. All symptoms of you requiring your next meal, yes? Conventional wisdom and most medical fields agree; and I used to agree as well. I now do not. I now believe that a) we have been thoroughly misinformed and b) the majority of the Western world has never felt true… Continue reading You Aren’t Hungry – You Are Migrating

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The Sunlit Truth

If you don't like the sun - then more than likely your body is full of parasites and candida overgrowth, both of which detest the sunlight. They prefer darkness, dampness, cold. Sunlight is their nemesis and they will do a very good job of convincing you that you dislike the sun and heat. The sun… Continue reading The Sunlit Truth

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Cherries & Sunlight & Angstroms, Oh My…

Earlier this week, my husband and I spent 40 mins picking cherries off an enormous tree that sat around a hundred years old. I learned the difference between fresh-picked cherries and store-bought or farmers' market cherries is profound! The closer a food is to sunlight, the more light and energy it contains. And the sooner… Continue reading Cherries & Sunlight & Angstroms, Oh My…

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‘Cheat’ Days – Are They Truly Worth It?

Many practitioners and fad diets promote 'cheat days'; a 24 hour window granting 'permission' to gorge on foods abating cravings that have been lying dormant or active within that person's thoughts and emotions. If one pays attention to those cravings and desires, rather than turn off their mind and heart after 'permission' is served; and… Continue reading ‘Cheat’ Days – Are They Truly Worth It?

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Sick Of Sage?

Earlier this week, I found something I forgot I even had… Two remaining sticks of Palo Santo. ❤ I haven't used this divine magic for nearly a year now. I forgot how IN LOVE I am with the smell and how much it helps clear the air, lungs and energetic space. Smelling a little like… Continue reading Sick Of Sage?

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Who Would You Be Without A Mirror To Reflect You?

You can easily view parts of your physical self in an actual mirror – but there remain sections of your physical body that you cannot see. Some areas remain hidden from view. This is also true of your non-physical self. The partner you choose is actually your chosen non-physical mirror. A short term relationship, a… Continue reading Who Would You Be Without A Mirror To Reflect You?

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How To Mitigate The Effects Of Artificial Light And WiFi

I posted a few things of late on social media regarding the dangers of WiFi and the toxicity of blue light exposure at night. So now I want to counteract those, with a post on what I personally do to help mitigate these effects. N.B. This isn’t a definitive list; simply what I've learned so… Continue reading How To Mitigate The Effects Of Artificial Light And WiFi